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Dashy No Blast (work in progress)


Currently in development, Dashy No Blast is a multiplayer arena shooter. Unlicensed and compatible with the Sega Dreamcast, Dashy No Blast will support four-simultaneous local players as they fight their way through areas packed with hundreds of enemies and thousands of bullets!

Estimated to be complete sometime in 2023, Dashy No Blast is currently planned to be self published with a limited physical release followed by a downloadable version.

Halloween demo available

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Slipspeed is the far future racing event of the 1990s! Race your Slip-craft through 16 exciting locations, from famous EARTH CITIES to the exotic distant dimensional rifts of FARFIELDS in this intense single player drifting speedfest! Includes an all original FM-Synth soundtrack by Martijn Frazer!

Released in April 2020 using the traditional MS-DOS 'shareware' model, a large demo was released for free with permission to copy and distribute. Players that enjoy the shareware version of the game are encouraged to buy the full version of the game, available either as a digital download or in a boxed floppy-disk edition published by Bitmapsoft. The shareware version and downloadable edition of the full game both come with optional bundled emulators for players using modern hardware.

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Forged in the fiery crucible of 48 hour game jams such as Ludum Dare and Alakajam, Tom 'voxel' Purnell has been making videogames as a hobby for decades, and recently began making full commercial games for older hardware! He has a background in software and web development and loves the challenge that vintage consoles and handhelds offer. BoneDisk began in November 2020, soon after the release of MS-DOS racing game SlipSpeed.

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